A letter regarding Kevin Myers’ latest offensive rant


I was absolutely disgusted to read Myers article entitled “Every Single Human Decision has a consequence — So remember that the next time you vote for someone’s rights”.

The piece was full of bigoted rhetoric and a gross distortion of facts.

I am a father, I am raising my daughter with her mother and we are in a committed relationship. We have many friends who are homosexual. At a large celebration of my daughter’s christening last week there were a number of lesbian couples present as they are our friends, and they have been good and kind to us and our daughter.

Were something to happen to myself and my partner I would have no qualms about my daughter being raised by a homosexual couple.

Myers’ citing of the lack of a father figure as a cause of criminal lifestyles was quite simply the most blatant twisting of facts to support a neanderthal opinion I have ever seen. It is not the fatherlessness of these homes which is the problem; it is the single parentedness of these homes which exist in a system which does not provide adequate support to single parent homes. I believe two parents is a tremendous aid to the raising of happy individuals (though there are plenty of single parents who do a fantastic job). I do not believe the gender of the parents has any relevence whatsoever. In fact the majority of studies I have encountered show that whether children are raised in heterosexual or homosexual home has absolutely no effect. I have even come across a few studies which show that same-sex homes are better (these are fewer in number than those which show no difference, but greater in number than those which show mixed sex parentage is better).

The most contemptible part of Myers’ article was his assertion that “I am not implying any paedophilia here.” How did paedophilia even enter the equation? How did that subject come to be mentioned in this article? Myers may as well have said “I’m not implying any genocide here”, or even simply, “I’m not implying any interest in sports here.” Paedophilia has absolutely no relevence in this article and the sole reason for its presence is a seedy attempt to weasel an association into the mind of the reader between paedophilia and homosexuality. No such association exists.

Finally, Myers states that the “death toll” of homosexual liberation in the United States was 250,000 AIDS deaths. This is like saying that the death toll of the Civil Rights Movement was 250,000 gangland shootings. AIDS is not a symptom of liberation, it is not a symptom of homosexuality, it is not a symptom of promiscuity, it is not a symptom of moral decline. It is a symptom of developed and advanced HIV.

Myers’ opinions are offensive in the extreme. They serve only to spread misinformation and bigotry. This article should be the final nail in the coffin of Myers’ career. This nation should be ashamed it produced him and your paper should be ashamed at the articles of his you publish. A paper which supports Myers is not just a paper which supports inflammatory opinions and heated debates, it is the mark of a paper which believes in spreading lies. As long as you continue to publish Myers rants, I must assume that any facts and “news” you produce are equally inaccurate and misinterpreted.


Richard Duffy

This letter was submitted to the “Letters to the Editor” page of the Irish Independent and forwarded to a large selection of people working in the media and in gay rights activism. The letter was also posted on Facebook where it spread quickly.


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