Site Launch

Well would ya look at this, a brand spanking new website. For all the world to see no less. Written and maintained by Richard Duffy. Spiffing!

Yes. I have started a website, and a bloggy one at that. Here I collect my published work as well as a few bonus articles created just for you. Yes, that’s right, you Marian (If your name is not Marian, this website is still for you, I’m just trying to freak some people out. Probably should have gone for a more common name than Marian to make that one work though. . .).

As you may notice, the site already has a rather ample archive, well that’s because I’ve taken a few articles from the last year or so which I’ve had published elsewhere, and thrown them up here. And there’s the last article, which was created just for this site, I got a bit ahead of myself and published something before the site officially launched, so sue me.

I would rather expect all the other people I’ve written for would be quite annoyed if they discovered that articles on their pages have been published here at the same time, kinda ruins the exclusivity. So I’ve made sure to always link back to the original place of publication, and any articles which I get published elsewhere won’t be posted to this site until at least 7 days have passed.

Original articles though, ones which I haven’t written for someone else, well the loyal readers of this site will get first glimpse at those (you will be loyal, won’t you?).

So now that you’re here, check the place out. Have a trawl through the archive, glance over the ‘About‘ pages. Explore! If you need the bathroom it’s the third door on the left.


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