BlackmanThe weight of crime has borne down for too long.

It’s time for crime to fear.

There’s a new hero in town.

A hero you won’t believe.

A Seeking Utopia short. Made as part of the Kino D Blue Kabaret weekend. January 24th-25th 2015.
With most of the cast and crew working on other films over the weekend, we had a 3 and a half hour shoot, after even less time to rehearse.
Thanks to Kino D for bringing us all together (


Written & Directed by
Richard Duffy

Kevin Kennedy as Blackman
Aidan O’ Sullivan and Graeme Coughlan

Director of Photography
Marco Griffini

Sound Recorded by
Rob Moore & Andrew Greaves

Voiceover Recorded by
Darren Fitzpatrick

Edited by
Richard Duffy

Production Assistant
Uriel Lapcevic

Additional sound samples from