The Missing Scarf, online!

Wahey! The Missing Scarf is now online.

I’ve been so focused on letting everyone I know about this to put up on their websites, that I completely neglected to put it up on my own damn site. Sometimes I seriously suck at this whole self-promotion bit.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go ahead and heap praise on everyone else involved.

Eoin Duffy – writer/director/animator
Who came up with a great story, let me help put it on a page, and then did an amazing job putting it on screen.

Jamie Hogan – producer
Who always saw how amazing this could be and made sure we focused on that big impact rather than getting stuck on mere details.

Tobias Norberg and Gavin Little and Joe McHugh at Echolab – music and sound design
Who blew my ears off the first time I saw it on the big screen, in the best possible way.

And of course George Takei – narrator
Who gave me the ego boost of my life by saying he liked the script and then saying yes to it.

Now given that I wasn’t thoroughly embroiled in all phases of production, I’m not nearly as connected to most of the people involved as I’d like. There’s the funders; Irish Film Board, The Arts Council, RTÉ. The post-production team at Windmill Lane. The wonderful crowd of people all listed at the end credits, you should watch the video now to get to them.